shih poo puppy for sale, fancypoo4u
Shih poo puppies for sale,fancypoo4u
Shih poo puppy Mississippi, fancypoo4u
Shih poo puppies in Mississippi,fancypoo4u

Find More information about Shih-Poo puppy or Dog.
What is a Shih-Poo puppy, it is a type of dog that is a result of the cross breeding of a Poodle and a
Shih Tzu. The Shih-poo puppy is one of the types of Poodle hybrids that have been in
combining the character and traits of the Poodle and the Shih-Tzu. There are lots of good traits
that were seen in a Shih-Poo. The appearance of a Shih-poo differs consistently as it mixes another breed.
Usually, the parent of the Shih-poo puppies shares a lot of natural traits than the appearance.
The personality of the Shih-poo puppy is more enhanced compared to the parent. It is intelligent, alert,
and very friendly type of dog. Shih poo puppies love people and make excellent pets for children.

The Shih-poo breed cares a lot for attention that is why they will be always seen with other dogs too.
The Shih-poo is a naturally energetic dog and it can also be a very outgoing dog. He loves to walk, ru
and is also fond of outdoor activities. They can be easily trained and they are eager to please their owners.
Shih-poo puppies are highly trainable and they are also quick to learn.
The Shih poo love to show off some tricks and they can also be very vocal about their feelings by means
of barking. They are a great watch dogs. Shih-poo puppies are great companion dogs and children's pets.
Check out our References and reviews  We will send pictures of Shihpoo puppies
by stating either male or female Shih poo puppy your interested in.

When looking for Shih-poo the mom should always be the Shih tzu and the dad a Toy poodle
this is the ONLY safe way to breed Shih-poo puppies. We have Tiny toy Shih-poo puppies because
our Imperial Shih tzu and Tiny Toy poodle Sire Romeo is small.
Shih-poo puppies well socialized 24-7 in the main part of my home.
Teacup Poodle breeder with home raised Teacup Tiny toy Shih-poo puppies.
Pre-Spoiled Shih-poo puppies for Sale.

We accept the following forms of payment:
Certified Check
Western Union
Money Order
Money Gram (Wal-Mart)

Cash ONLY when you pick up your puppy.
Absolutely NO personal checks accepted for final payment.
Your deposit may be sent in any form listed above, but final payment must be in CASH ONLY.
A deposit will hold a puppy of your choice this is a commitment to purchase a puppy,
therefore it's non-refundable.

Shih-poo puppy breeders with White, Black-White Shih poo puppies for sale.
Shih Poo puppies are Shih Tzu and Poodle mix puppy,
Shih-poo  puppy information.  
If you are looking for a Shih poo puppy find Shih-poo puppies for sale in Mississippi
Licenced Dog Breeder with puppies for sale in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and Tennessee.

We service cities in the south and southern states with Shih poo puppies for sale  from Brookhaven,
Canton,  Biloxi, Brandon, Gulfport, McComb,  Madison, Ridgeland, Vicksburg  Meridian,  
Waynesboro, Mississippi, MS. We will drive one hour to meet people In Jackson, Laurel, and
Hattiesburg area with Shih poo puppies. This will save you 2 hours driving from:
Hammond, New Orleans, Slidel, Houma, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Monroe, Louisiana

Shihpoo, Shih-poo puppies, Shih-Poo puppies for sale can be picked up at my home.
Mobile, Alabama, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, Alabama,  Pensacola, Florida,
Atlanta, Georgia, GA. Naples, Tallahassee, Ft Walton Beach, Florida, Memphis,
Nashville, Tennessee, TN. Mississippi Gulf coast and surrounding areas.

Shih poo Breeder   Teacup Shih poo puppies for sale  Poodle-mix puppies   
Black-white Shih poo Teacup puppies for sale  
Shihpoo puppies,fancypoo4u
 shih poo puppy in mississippi
Shihpoo puppy mississippi, ms
shih poo puppies for sale
shih poo puppies for sale in Mississippi
Five star Mississippi Shih poo puppy breeder
White, Black, Teacup Shih poo puppies for Sale
Email me for more information on our Shih poo puppies.
Shihpoo puppies
Shih-poo puppies are Shih tzu-Poodle mix with a F1 purebred registered
White Shih tzu, and a AKC Bred Tiny Toy Poodle Sire with Teacup lines.
Black and White Shih poo puppies, Black Teacup Shih-poo puppies for sale  .
Shih poo puppy
A Shih poo is a Shih tzu, Toy poodle mix puppy, Shih poo AKA' Shi-poo puppies for sale.
White Shih tzu-Poodle mix, Shih-Poo puppies for Sale. References and Reviews
Shi poo puppies have 2 sets of shots and worm treatments every 2 weeks and 6 weeks.
Shih-poo ~  Apricot and Chocolate Shih poo puppies for sale by Licensed Shih poo Breeder. For appointment call 601-886-7381
A Shihpoo is a Shih tzu-Poodle-mix Puppy, Teacup Shih poos, Shih-poo, Teacup Shihpoo puppies for sale.
Shih poos for sale in Mississippi
Teddy Bear
Shih-poo puppy for sale
Born 11/02/18 and has
2 sets of shots with
being wormed 5 times.

Contact me about my
Teacup Shih poo
Puppies for Sale.
Call 601-886-7381
for appointment
Brown-WhiteTeacup Shih poo puppy
lives in Austin, Texas
Shih poo puppy mississippi, ms, fancypoo4u
chocolate Shihpoo puppies Mississippi, ms

White Teacup Shih poo Puppy
Born on December 19, 2018

Our puppies eat Purina Pro Plan
Small breed puppy food
Vet Recommended.

Portable puppy Playpen
Shih poo puppies
Shihpoo puppies in Mississippi
Shih poo puppies in Mississippi
shih poo puppies in Missisippi
Chocolate Teacup Shih poo puppy
Sold to Amy in Gluckstadt, MS
Email me
Teddy bear Shih-poo

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Shih-poo puppies
For Sale
Shih poo puppies in Mississippi
Shihpoo puppies
Shihpoo puppies
Shihpoo puppies
brown shihpoo puppies fancypoo4u
Shihpoo puppy
Black-white Teacup Shih poo puppy
Sold toCrystal in New Orleans, Louisiana
Shih poos for sale in Mississippi
Brown-White Shih poo Puppy
SOLD TO SERENE Pensacola, Fl
Shihpoo puppies
Shihpoo puppy
shih poo puppies for sale in mississippi
shihpoo puppy for sale
shih poo puppies for sale in mississippi
shih poo puppies for sale
shih poo puppies for sale
shihpoo puppies
shih poo puppies
shih poo puppies
Shih poo puppies
Shihpoo puppies
shih poo puppies for sale,fancypoo4u
We have had colors of White, Black-white, Brown-White and Black Shih poo puppies.
Expecting more Shih poo puppies for sale soon. Get in touch if interested.
Teddy Bear Shih poo puppies will have 2 sets of shots/wormed UTD.
Health records and Genetic guarantee provided. Transition will be an easy one.
Shih-poo puppies are highly trainable and they are also quick to learn.
You may come to my home to pick up your Shih poo puppy by appointment only.
We will also meet you in Jackson, MS.  
Email me to see my Shihpoo puppies for sale.
shih poo puppies for sale
shih poo puppies for sale
shih poo puppies for sale
Shihpoo for sale
Shih poo puppy for sale, fancypoo4u
Shihpoo for sale
White Teacup Shih poo Puppy, SOLD
Gone to live in Memphis, Tennessee.
Shih poo puppy
Shihpoo puppy
Black and White Shih poo puppy
SOLD to Abby from Tupelo, MS
Teacup Shih poo puppies at Fancypoo4u
Black Teacup Shih poo puppy
Gone to live in Memphis, Tennessee.
Updated 11/28/2018
Teddy Bear Shih poo
Chocolate Shih poo puppy
For sale