Rare Blue/Cream
Teacup Morkie Puppy.
Only Fancypoo4u!
Mileen Coulter
Morkie breeder.

Blue-Cream female
Teacup Morkie puppy
sold to Lutricia
in Jackson, Mississippi

Adorable Tiny Teacup female Morkie puppy
Black-Tan male Toy Morkie puppies
Check out our Morkie puppies for sale.
About us
Mileen Coulter- Morkie Breeder
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Morkie puppies

What is a Morkie Puppy?

Picture of a grown Morkie puppy

Morkie Breeder
Located between Madison, Jackson and Hattiesburg Mississippi.
Brookhaven, Canton, Brandon, McComb, Ridgeland, Vicksburg, Meridian, Waynesboro,
Gulfport, Ocean Springs, Olive Branch, Mississippi, MS

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teacup Morkie puppies for sale.
 teacup Morkies for sale

Licensed Morkie breeder No longer has Morkie puppies for sale.
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Fancypoo4u, True Morkie Breeders with No Morkie puppies for sale!
There is more to a web site than just selling Morkies. There is a Description of the Morkie breed:
Description: of the Morkie puppy personality:  Both the Yorkie and the Maltese breeds aka Yorktese puppy.
We welcome you to our home to see how much we love our puppies.
Morkie puppies for sale
A Morkie is a fast growing breed on the Internet of today. Morkies are a special mix of 2 of the best personalities
of the toy breed dogs, Yorkie/maltese mix breed puppies.
Morkies are my passion.
My love of the Morkie puppies needed a very special web site. This is why Morkie World was created.
Morkie world you will the have all of my past results of my life with the Morkie puppies..
Your Morkie puppy come pre-spoiled to you with a loving temperament. The transition should be an easy one.
All My Maltese Dams and Yorkie Sires were raised by us, and have very loving personalities.
We Choose to breed for the best health and temperament.
All Fancypoo4u purebred and mixed breed puppies should come to you clean, with no parasites of any kind.
You can usually take and show it off to your closest family members. I would suggest on taking your new Morkie
directly home, until it is through with it's shots. Don't take your new Morkie for a walk, where other people have
walked. Please check out Morkie puppy care for your New Morkie puppy
A Deposit is a commitment to buy a Morkie puppy of your choice. It is transferable, but non refundable.
Licenced Dog Breeder with puppies for sale in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and Tennessee.
teacup Blonde Morkie puppy
I am a home based Dog Breeder.
We have
NO Morkie puppies for sale.

Email me at
call Mileen 601-886-7381.
Morkies for sale
Grown Morkie puppy
Teacup Morkie puppy! He will weigh 3 lbs grown!
teacup Morkies for sale
Fancypoo4u is not a Pet shop. We have the Parents to our Morkies!
We were one of the First web sites to have Morkie puppies for sale
I love the Morkie puppies, most of all I love the personality of the Maltese females that we raised in our home.
The close bond and the joy of raising Jessie* and Diva* my 2 new Maltese girls. The unique personalities of each one.
Best of All is Nemo, my Teddy bear Yorkie N E M O  With a nice thick coat is a very loving little Yorkie!!
I raised N E M O Yorkie Stud from a puppy. From Velvet touch Yorkie Teacup lines. He loves everyone, and everyone loves
Nemo. Your welcome to come to our Home to see our Home raised Morkies with appointment only.
Call My home at 601-886-7381. All calls roll over to my Cell phone. Let it ring to talk to me about my Morkies for sale.
We hope to have more Morkies for sale in the new year.
teacup Teacup morkies
Meet Jax Teacup Morkie puppy. Jax is as Cute as he can be!
Jax the teacup Morkie is going to have a wonderful home with  Janine
and Ryan in Ridgeland, Mississippi came to my home to pick up their
Morkie puppy.
He is their first child!
They are my Face book friends.
teacup Morkie puppies
ask about Morkie puppy waiting list.
Black/Cream Teacup Morkie puppy
Nancy came to my home to pick up her Morkie
puppy. Nancy is my Face book friend.
teacup Morkies for sale, morkie breeder
Morkie puppies for sale
Everywhere I go people ask me about her and I can
barely walk down the street in Manhattan,
without getting stopped by everyone that sees her!
Thank you soooo much! Stephanie
Morkie puppy living in Manhattan, New York, NY.
Morkie puppies for sale
teacup Morkie puppies for sale
Morkie puppies with Morkie videos
morkie videos
morkies in videos
Morkie's,  Morkie puppies. Black/tan/ Morkie puppies raised in my home.
Margo - Picture of a Grown Morkie/ Maltese and Yorkie Mix,
Morkie Puppy, Sold to Lynn in North Carolina
 teacup Morkie puppies
teacup Morkie puppies
Male Morkie puppy

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Morkie puppies for sale.
Black-Tan female
Teacup Morkie puppy is sold
5-6 lbs grown
Morkie puppies for sale
Teacup Morkie puppies
Same Teacup Morkie puppy
Teacup Morkie puppies for sale
morkie puppies for sale
Morkie puppy
Morkie puppy SOLD
Black-tan Morkie puppies
Female Morkie Puppy SOLD!!
teacup morkies for sale
teacup morkies
morkies for sale
teacup morkies
teacup morkies
morkies for sale
teacup morkies
teacup morkies
morkies for sale
teacup morkies
teacup morkies
morkies for sale
teacup morkies
morkies for sale
morkies for sale