Morkie puppies

Morkie puppies

Teacup Morkie puppy Sold to Stephanie
in Manhattan, New York, New York.
Noodles is her Morkie puppies name.
Morkie puppies for sale
Morkie puppies for sale
 Morkie puppy for sale
morkie puppy for sale
If your interested in a
Morkie puppy
We don't have
Morkie puppies
For sale.

Morkie puppies prices
We no longer have
Morkies for sale
We are Licensed Breeders, not a network of Breeders. We know our lines.
We own the Parents to our puppies for sale.
We raise parents from puppies. They have wonderful loving personalities.
A pure bred Maltese dog is usually the Mother and the sire is a purebred Yorkie.
Both Parents are both Purebred registered Dogs, with only F1, first generation, Breedings.
You may come to my home and play with the puppies or we can meet one hour driving.
Licenced Dog Breeder with puppies for sale in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and Tennessee.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
The Yorkie Mixed breed puppies have
"Hybrid Vigor."
This improves domestic animals, and lowers the risk of health problems. Our Designer puppies are the
Greatest little pet for your family. You will Love our Morkie puppies!  Yorkie mix puppies are non shedding,
and non allergenic.  The Yorkie mix puppies are more resistant to genetic health problems than a purebred.
Just ask your vet. The Morkies come bathed and groomed, toenails clipped, and treated for ear mites.
Health records UTD 2 sets of shots, wormed 5 times, and vet checked, with a written health guarantee.
We do not have fleas on our Morkie puppies. These Morkie puppies are in my home No Kennel Morkies here.

Buy your Morkie Puppy from Morkie World,  Morkie Breeder, with Morkie puppies for sale.
Don't buy a Morkie puppy from the Morkie CLASSIFIEDS. Find a responsible Morkie breeder at Morkie World.
Come to my home and see the love we have for our Morkie puppies!! Call me, I love to talk about our Morkie
puppies. Call for appointment to see the Morkie puppies for sale

Our puppies are hand raised from time of birth.
We have Home raised puppies.
Our puppies are raised in playpens not cages.
Because we raise our puppies in our home this reduces stress from separation.
I have much information on my website about the care of your  puppy.
If you have any other questions about availability of my puppies,
just give me a email at or a call.
You may hear the puppies playing,
if they aren't taking a nap..
Mileen Coulter
A Deposit is a commitment to buy a puppy of your choice.
It is transferable, but non refundable.
Fancypoo4u, Licensed puppy Breeder with puppies for sale.
Located in South Central Mississippi.
Silver Creek, Mississippi
601-886-7381 Rolls over to Cell.

We have had people to drive from near by towns in Mississippi to pick up puppies from Brookhaven, MS. Canton, MS.
Brandon, MS. Jackson, MS. Gulfport, MS, Hattiesburg, MS. McComb, Ocean Springs, Vicksburg,  Meridian, Waynesboro,
Mississippi Gulf coast area, Louisiana, LA. Covington, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Hammond, Mandeville, Lake St Charles,
Metairie,  Louisiana Gulf coast area, also other southern states. Atlanta, Georgia, GA. Alabama, AL. Mobile,  Montgomery,

We have met customers with puppies from: Mobile, Dothan, Alabama. Montgomery, Gulf Shores, AL. Tuscaloosa, AL.
Birmingham, Alabama, AL. Ft Walton Beach, Pensacola, Florida, FL. Tallahassee, FL. Memphis, TN.
Naples, Florida, FL. Tennessee and surrounding areas.  

You may come to the Jackson International Airport and we will meet you with your Morkie puppy.


Teacup and toy puppies

 Teacup Apricot Maltipoo puppies for sale

Fancypoo4u is owned and operated by  Mileen Coulter Website Created by Fancypoo4u copy right  © 2018  
All Rights Reserved
Licensed Breeder with puppies for sale in Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida, and Tennessee.
You may Come to my home and pick up your puppy. Call Mileen at 601-886-7381.
No Morkies,  We don't have sale Morkie puppies for sale .
Black/tan/ Male Morkie puppies.
Email me about our waiting list.
Our Morkie puppies were socialized and raised in my Home.
Our Morkies had Tender Love and Care 24/7.
Five Star Morkie Breeder References
Morkie puppies, Teacup and Tiny toy Morkie puppies for sale.
Come to my home and pick up your home raised Morkie puppy.
Morkie puppies  are perfect for Children when they weigh 5-7 lbs grown.
Tiny Teacup Morkie puppies are too fragile for children.
Not a Network of Morkie Breeders. We don't have Morkie puppies at all times.
NOT SELLING MORKIE PUPPIES*******Information about Morkie puppies.
Fancypoo4u wants you to have a safe experience shopping for a puppy!
Morkies are crossbred Maltese and Yorkie purebred dogs used to create the Morkie puppy.
I realize people want more than just a web site of
only puppies for sale.  
Contact for information on availability of my puppies.
A Website should tell about the traits and  characteristics of the Morkie puppy.
morkie puppies for sale
More Mokie puppies for sale
More Mokie puppies
Teacup Morkie Puppies for sale-fancypoo4u
Morkie puppies-fancypoo4u
Blonde Morkie puppy for sale.-fancypoo4u
Teacup Morkie puppies
Morkie puppies for sale on YoU tube
Golden Tan Morkie puppy..
SOLD to Stacy in Hattiesburg, MS.
Teacup  Morkie puppies for sale-fancypoo4u
Morkie puppies for sale-fancypoo4u
Morkies for sale in mississippi

Morkie puppies
are Sold.

No longer breeding
Morkie puppies
For Sale.

Black-White-Tan Parti Morkie
Noodles Sold
Morkie puppies for sale
Teacup Morkie puppy for sale
Teacup Morkie puppies

Teacup Morkie,
Morkie puppy

Black-tan female
Morkie puppy
Morkie puppy Sold to
Darlene in Dallas, Texas
teacup morkie puppies for sale
Morkie puppies for sale-fancypoo4u
morkie puppy for sale-fancypoo4u
Morkie puppy is SOLD

We NO longer have
Morkie puppies
For sale
teacup morkie puppies for sale
Female Morkie puppy SOLD
Morkie puppy SOLD
Morkie puppy is SOLD
Morkies for sale-fancypoo4u
Female Morkie puppy SOLD

Morkie puppies for sale