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TeDDy Bear
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What is a TeDDy Bear Schnoodle???
Not Selling Schnoodle puppies!
Miniature Schnoodles, Teddy bear Schnoodle puppies for Sale.
Our Teddy bear Schnoodle puppies are soft coat Schnoodles.

Male and female Black-Tan Miniature Schnoodle puppies

You will love the video of our Teddy Bear Schnoodles!

Miniature Schnoodle puppies should weigh between 16-22 lbs grown
Teddy Bear Schnoodle puppies, Black-Tan Miniature Schnoodles for sale.
The Schnauzer coats vary with texture. Not every female Schnauzer
is a candidate to be bred for Teddy Bear Schnoodles. Only the
soft coat female may be used, because the off spring coats, will be
fluffier. The Fluffier coat Schnoodle is the only Teddy Bear.
Since both the Schnauzer and the Poodle don't shed;
The Schnoodle puppies won't shed either.
Tails and dew claws are docked.
Schnoodle info   Past Schnoodles

SHOWN IN VIDEO, Miniature Schnoodle and Toy Schnoodle puppy: Second time buyers.

Schnoodles are known for their superb intelligence, which makes them one of the
easiest crossbreed, to train. Schnoodles generally inherit the intelligence of both the
Poodle and the Schnauzer. Most Schnoodles are actually a joy to train as they learn
easily, and pay attention very well. Many people look for well-bred Schnoodles, to
train for Therapy Dogs. Their cheerful and loving disposition is perfect for this use.
We have a Schnoodle "Charlie" lives in California, that is a trained Service Dog
for the Blind. He was in the top of his class  Charlie is such a wonderful Schnoodle,
and a family pet. Schnoodles love all people, especially children of all ages.

Schnoodles are great dogs for energetic people who love to walk or run.
Schnoodles have playful, but calm temperaments. Schnoodles can take long
hikes, play and then cuddle with you. Get on our waiting list for one of
our Schnoodle puppies email me at
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Mississippi Schnoodle breeder, where your puppy is raised in my home not a
Kennel. You may come to my home to pick up your Schnoodle puppy.

Teddy Bear Schnoodle puppies for sale in Mississippi
Call 601-886-7381 or cell 601-954-9124

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Schnoodles for sale
Below you will see just some of the Teddy Bear Schnoodle puppies, that we have sold.
Schnoodles come in various colors of Black/Tan and Salt-n-pepper Schnoodle puppies.
NOT BREEDING Teddy Bear Schnoodle puppies any more.
Hope you enjoy the slide show of Pictures of our past Sold Teddy Bear Schnoodle puppies.
Schnoodle puppies
Schnoodle puppies
Schnoodle puppies
Schnoodles for sale